Game King 2019 in 1 multi game board built-in SSD card ATX power supply multi classical games PCB for arcade game machine



A complete Arcade hall in one small black box

The Game King is a complete Arcade system loaded with 2019 classic games. It has its own power supply, so you can just connect it.


  • Universal JAMMA Connector
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • P4 Motherboard using genuine Intel Pentium 4 Processor and electronic drive system
  • Unit safely enclosed in a strong and durable metal casing (PCB’s are not exposed!)
  • Electronic Drive system is FASTER and MORE STABLE than hard drive bases systems (no crash!)
  • User Adjustable Game Options (Game Dip Switch Settings; Number of Lives, Difficulty, etc) *optional xxxx-in-1 Service Kit required 
  • Pre-Installed Multigame emulators software.
  • Supports 1-4 Player Games
  • Supports two-channel audio (Stereo Sound)
  • Supported Video Modes; CGA Standard (15kHz), PAL (15kHz), Medium (24kHz), and VGA (31kHz)
  • Supports Upright Cabinets Only (will not flip screen for cocktails)
  • Enable One Game (for a dedicated machine if desired) or All Games *optional xxxx-in-1 Service Kit required 
  • Enable/Disable Individual Game Categories From Showing *optional xxxx-in-1 Service Kit required 
  • Sorted Games Listing menu by game type
  • Delete/Undelete Each Game
  • Set Coin/Credit Ratio of All Games with One Setting
  • Supports a Coin Counter

Additional information

Weight 6 kg