Multi games 3016 in 1 game Mother Board – supply high resolution with Power Supply



Multi games 3016 in 1 game Motherboard 2.4G CPU 40G work with ATX power supply high-resolution classical game for arcade game machine.

1. Protect JAMMA I/O from damage of incorrect connection
2. Use Intel G31 motherboard, Celeron Daul-Core CPU, 1G DDR2 memory.
3. Installed multi game emulators software.
4. Allow coins inserted before game selection.
5. After power on the player can insert coin at any time
6. Support 4 people play mode.
7. Support one game / multi games business mode.
8. Support 3D games.
9. Support video mode: VGA (31KHZ).
10. Support two-channel stereo audio.
11. Faster I/O response and more stable system operation.
12. Classified all games to Stage, Flying/Shooting, Wrestle/Fighting, Maze/Puzzle, Adult, Sport, Misc./Others, and Special/Classical game list.
13. Each game list can be hidden or showed.
14. Each game in the list can be deleted or called back.
15. Support Chinese and English.
16. Game configurations are adjustable.
17. Support coin counter.
18. Set all games coin and credit value by one DIP SW.





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